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Project _2

Environmental Management ofAttabadLakethrough Participatory Mechanisms and Actions

Timeframe :

36 Months

Donors / Sponsors :

Agha Khan Development Network (AKDN) / AKRSP

Geographical Coverage :

Hunza – Gilgit-Baltistan

Goals :

  • Community based environmental management of theAttabadLakefor conservation of agro-ecological system
  • Safeguarding the existing aquifer and promoting responsible eco-tourism

Objectives :

  • Conservation ofAttabadLakethrough participatory environmental management
  • To mobilize and facilitate the local administration in reducing, managing and monitoring pollution level of theAttabadLakeas well as catchment areas
  • Organizing media advocacy campaign to involve the residents of catchment areas in the planning and development process for conservation and environmental management ofLake
  • Conservation of the lake through environmental management with focus on adaptation and mitigation measures

Proposed Activities :

  • Survey of the area to collect base line information
  • Meetings with the relevant stakeholders
  • Literature review based on historical records of environmental patterns
  • Identifying the important issues related to water conservation and deforestation that need to be understood and addressed by the government and policymakers
  • Identification, demarcation and mapping of the lake as well as catchment area with loads of wastes being accumulated
  • Mass awareness raising, social mobilization & media advocacy
  • Preparation of video documentary and outline maps of the site to determine initial situation.
  • Getting chemical analysis of lake water and soil from lab
  • Assessment of the amount of solid and liquid wastes generated and being dumped in the lake by the tourists and local communities
  • Development of Training Modules on conservation, management and mitigation aspects
  • Capacity building of local communities, relevant stakeholders, local administration, tourists, security guards, watchmen as well as sweepers, etc.
  • Preparation of awareness brochures, leaflets and posters for stakeholders
  • Facilitation to local administration in establishment of waste treatment facility as well as its management by the involvement of communities
  • Assignment of the specific areas to relevant communities for pollution prevention and management on self-help basis with the view to promote eco-tourism
  • Establishing the system to manage wastes
  • Reforestation, raising fruit orchards and vegetable crops on specific sites in the catchments
  • Development of a monitoring mechanism for the activities
  • Reporting and documentation

Expected Outputs :

  • The volume of water would remain at optimal level inAttabadLake.
  • The water pollution of the lake will decrease up to 98%.
  • People will be more aware of the importance of forests and conservation of water resources and avoid cutting of trees.
  • Awareness campaigns at different levels will result in plantation of more trees and reduction of deforestation in the catchments.
  • The diseases that develop from contaminated water would reduce.
  • Tourists would take great care for conservation of environment around theLake.
  • The status of cleanliness would improve.
  •  Fruit orchards and vegetable crops will be established along the lake.
  • This project will be a foundation stone for conservation of water resources at the local level.
  • The local community would get pure irrigation as well as drinking water.
  • The management arrangements of local administration would improve.
  • Government will be able to overcome the ongoing water pollution of theAttabadLake.
Conserving Natural Resource Base and Promoting Human Development through Sharing Knowledge, Exchanging Practices and Co-creating Future