Wisdom of Life

Project 2

Study on Impact Assessment of Community Based Disaster Risk Management and Livelihood Program in Flood, Drought and Cyclone Prone Area


04 Months

Donors / Sponsors:


Geographical Coverage :

Muzaffargarh and Rajanpur (Punjab)

Objectives of the Project:

  •       Field testing the pre-designed survey tool for data collection in the target villages
  •       To assess effectiveness of the data collection tool both in intervention and comparison villages
  •       Collection of field information and entry of the collected data in the data entry software tool.

Core Methodology:

  •       Engaging enumerators / surveyors for collection of data with survey instruments
  •       Focused group discussions with the beneficiaries
  •       Collection and review of the data
  •       Verification of the primary data
  •       Stakeholders’ identification and consultation
  •       Compilation of the data

Village Sampling Plan for Muzaffargarh :

Village Sampling Plan for Rajanpur :

Deliverables :

  •       Technical design/survey methodology.
  •       Survey instruments including training materials for the enumerators
  •       Complete and normalized database
  •       Summary of focus group discussions
  •       840 filled questionnaire performas
  •       Presentation on key findings to the stakeholders
  •       Report on compilation of the data
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