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On-Farm Training Program for Agriculture based Livelihood Development

Timeframe :

12 Months

Donors / Sponsors :


Geographical Coverage :

National Level –Pakistan

Training Activities :

  • Small Scale Farming
  • Trading of Food Commodities
  • Development of Dates Value AdditionEnterprise
  • Dairy Farming
  • Bio-Remediation
  • Home Pharmacy
  • Food Preserving and Processing
  • Lift Irrigation
  • Phulkarai
  • Angora Rabbit Farming
  • Specialized Trainings

Outputs :

  • On-farm capacity building of about 3,600 un-employed youth / small-scale farmers
  • Proposed Research Station will provide livelihood opportunities to about 10,000 unemployed youth / farmers including 3,600 trainees.
  • About 25 replicable hands-on training modules will be available

Outcomes :

  • The demonstration of energy-efficient and low carbon model farming
  • The farming entrepreneurship model will be available
  • A wide range of agriculture based livelihood development opportunities will be available
  • The research station model farm will project itself as the low carbon, low cost and energy efficient farming model
  • Most of the trainees will be able to start agri-business easily on their own farms
  • Market linkages will be developed with private sector

Beneficiaries :

The unemployed 2,000 males and 1,600 females particularly fromRawalpindi/Islamabadand generally from rural backward areas of KPK, Sindh, Balochistan andPunjabprovince will be the main beneficiaries. In addition to this, more farmers may also be inducted for training courses and income generation programs at the research station.


Conserving Natural Resource Base and Promoting Human Development through Sharing Knowledge, Exchanging Practices and Co-creating Future