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CapacityBuildingof Rural Women in Value Addition and Marketing of Dates, Banana and Mango

Timeframe :

18 Months

Donors / Sponsors :

Community Development Board (CDB) – Government of Sindh

Geographical Coverage :

Mirpur Khas and Sukkar (Sindh)

Goals and Objectives :

The main goal of the project is to improve the agro-economic conditions, income level and living standards of the rural women of Sukkar and Mirpur Khas districts through enhancement of profitability and improved techniques of dates, banana and mango processing & marketing connecting them successfully with the urban markets. The project is expected help to bring the target areas parallel with other developed parts of the province and country.  The specific objectives of the project are as under:

  • Development and demonstration of drying, grading and packing of the local fruits such as Dates in Sukkar at village Bicwang, Banana at Mirpur Khas at village Veela and Mango at village Hajarpur.
  • Introduction, demonstration and promotion of locally manufactured solar houses for processing and drying of the fruits in Sukkar and Mirpur Khas by exploitation of the indigenous materials.
  • Gender based on-farm capacity building of growers in the overall value chain of the dates, banana and mango in Sukkur and Mirpur Khas.
  • Identification and establishment of potential market channels for increased profitability of the value added horticultural products for the target women farmers / farming households throughoutPakistan.

Proposed Interventions/Activities :

  • Establishment of field office and  identification and appointment of project team
  • Community meetings and dialogues
  • Make available research equipment, machinery & vehicles
  • Establishment of on-site working station or field unit
  • Establishment of community organizations and their social mobilization
  • Installation of solar driers, solar houses and processing facilities as demonstration
  • Technical support for installation of equipments by the ECI partners
  • Training and capacity building in dates, banana and mango products for the local communities
  • Demonstration of on-farm drying, grading, packaging, branding, etc
  • Identification of market channels
  • Organization of stakeholders’ consultative workshops for sustainability of the efforts
  • Marketing the produce through well conceived marketing strategy
  • Field and exposure visits
  • Development and publication of training manuals
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the project
  • Reporting, documentation and media projection

Expected Deliverables / Outputs :

  • Gender based capacity building of 8,000 households for solar dried products in both the districts.
  • Installation of solar houses for drying of the fruits
  • Identification of suitable markets and linked the beneficiaries with these channels
  • Increased profit of the beneficiaries by about 50%
  • Availability of training modules



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