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Establishment of Income GeneratingEnterprisefor Production, Packing, Branding and Marketing of the Essential Oils

Timeframe :

36 Months

Donors / Sponsors :

National Productivity Organization,Islamabad

Geographical Coverage :


Overall Goals :

  • Introduction, production and marketing of Essential Oils with focus on new opportunities of livelihoods development and improved living standard of communities in Multan.

Objectives :

  • To increase the employment opportunities and income of local farming communities
  • Strengthening Public Private Partnership through entrepreneurship
  • Building capacity of the rural farming communities for cultivation of wide range of flowers and production & marketing of the essential oils
  • Promotion of flowers as the alternate cash crop for growers in Multan Division

Proposed Interventions :

  • Establishment of field office and recruitment of staff
  • Determine the initial situation of the area by collecting baseline information
  • Preparation of the inception report of the project
  • Community dialogue and social mobilization
  • Creating mass awareness among local communities about the scope and benefits of essential oils
  • Stakeholders’ identification and selection of the households based on set criteria
  • Organizing participatory workshops for stakeholders
  • Social mobilization throughout the project period
  • Identification, selection and demarcation of land in 10 Union Councils (UCs)
  • Signing Terms of Partnership (ToP) or Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the selected stakeholders/households
  • Identification of the local manufacturers for development and installation of the Extraction Plants/Expellers
  • Purchasing material for installing Extraction Plants from reputable firms
  • Installing 10 Extraction Plants in 10 villages of 10 UCs
  • Provision of flowers’ seeds and fertilizers/chemicals to the selected farmers
  • Providing technical guidelines to the local communities about the cultivation of flowers
  • Development of a cooperative mechanism among the selected farmers for cultivation & collection of flowers
  • Providing technical guidelines to the local communities about operation & maintenance of Extraction Plants
  • Appointment of regular team amongst the community to look after the established Extraction Plants
  • Preparation and packing of the Essential Oils
  • Demonstration sessions to be held for advertising the products
  • Invitation to big investors and businessmen for entrepreneurship
  • Identification of suitable market channels for marketing of the products
  • Capacity building of farmers in extension services and linking the farmers with industry and market
  • Media projection and video production
  • Preparation of brochures and pamphlets
  • Reporting and documentation
  • Monitoring and evaluation by the third party for quality control

Expected Deliverables / Outputs :

  • Installation of community based 10 Extraction plants in 10 UCs
  • Quality construction and maintenance of the installed Extraction Plant
  • Cost effective and improved designs of plants utilizing locally available materials
  • Cultivation of flowers such as rose, jasmine, patchouli, lavender, geranium, marigold, sandalwood, citronella and cinnamon
  • Quality production of the essential oils
  • Capacity building of the stakeholders and local communities
  • Increased livelihood opportunities and improved living standard







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