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Project 14

Biological control based Integrated Pest Management of Sugarcane Pests with emphasis on Sugarcane Pyrilla 

Timeframe :

24 Months

Donors / Sponsors :

Bawany Sugar Mills Limited (BSML)

Geographical Coverage :

District Badin (Sindh)

Objectives :

  • Survey for different insect pests of sugarcane with emphasis on pyrilla and their identification in the Sugar Mills.
  • Monitoring for population of pyrilla as well as its natural enemies in the project area.
  • Studies on rate of infestation and losses by the pests and incidence of natural enemies in different microclimates.
  • Conservation and redistribution of natural enemies.
  • Establish cultures and mass rearing of natural enemies for augmentative releases.
  • Studies to modify different cultural practices for pest control suitable to climatic conditions of Sugar Mills.
  • Transfer of IPM technology to farmers by publication of Brochures on IPM and involving them in pest control measures and by holding meetings with them to raise awareness about pests and their natural enemies.

Key Methodology :

Survey conducted in the whole area. Adults and immature stages of insect pests with focus on sugarcane pyrilla damaging sugarcane crop and their natural enemies have collected and reared in the laboratory. Sampling for the pests carried out at fortnightly intervals. These activities have carried out throughout the year. Biology and phenology of economically important pests and their natural enemies have studied and suitable IPM program developed implemented. The farmers have been involved to create awareness about pests and their natural enemies and instigate to adopt the technology.

Advantages :

  • This project provided complete and authentic information about the insect pest status in the Sugar Mills area.
  • It introduced the economical and sustainable methods of pest control, resulting into the elimination of use of pesticides. This in turn protected the environment.
  • Timely implementation of this project minimized the losses done by pyrilla and Mill Owners benefited because of increase in yield and sugar recovery. This also helped increase income of the farmers. Furthermore implementation of IPM program opened a new chapter of development in the best interest of the local inhabitants by eliminating the danger of pollution in the environment by indiscriminate sprays of pesticides.
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