Wisdom of Life

Project 13

Better Management Practices for Cotton and Sugarcane 

Timeframe :

24 Months

Donors / Sponsors :

European Commission (EC)

Geographical Coverage :

National Level –Pakistan

Objectives :

Preparation of current review is an effort to create an enabling environment for researchers, extension workers, policy makers, progressive farmers and small-scale growers to replicate, adopt and disseminate the Better Management Practices (BMPs) for cotton and sugarcane. Following are the overall objectives:

  • Collate and review the Better Management Practices (BMPs) available in general
  • Identify those BMPs which have been proven successful in a particular ecosystem
  • Link the identified BMPs to address the social, socio-economic and environmental issues in the national and international perspectives
  • Categorize the innovative and appropriate BMPs for on-farm adaptive research that are financially viable for farmers, especially for cotton and sugarcane crops inPakistanby the involvement of progressive growers and national research centers.

Methodology :

Preparation of this document is based upon in-depth review of Better Management Practices (BMPs) across the globe as well as Pakistan in the context of integrated production systems and functional models of crop management which ensure higher productivity, low cost inputs, safe methods of pest management, increased soil fertility, efficient use of fresh water resources, conservation of the particular agro-ecological systems, better farm workers health and protection of agro-biodiversity. The methodology for review and data collection consisted of investigation of relevant literature at the local and global level where both the crops under focus are grown and considered as the main source of farmer’s income. Information was also collected from the available progressive growers, researchers, extension workers and policy makers through personal communication and interactive on-farm dialogue. In addition to this, the Information Technology tools such as World Wide Web, electronic mail and different databases were also consulted as and when needed. Maximum effort has been made to avoid the personal influence or opinion for projecting any farm practice as the BMP. Only those BMPs for cotton and sugarcane have been recommended or highlighted for adaptive research or wider implementation which have proven effective in different countries across the globe and are suitable for different agro-ecological zones inPakistan.

Output :

Development of a comprehensive training manual on cotton and sugarcane aiming at helping farmers manage their crops in the most appropriate and better ways


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