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Project 10

Capacity Building of the Community Master Trainers in Integrated Crop Management of Horticultural Crops 


36 Months

Donors / Sponsors:


Geographical Coverage :


Project Objectives and Goals:

  • Training & networking of community Master Trainers in the field of Integrated Crop Management (ICM) with focus on horticultural crops.
  • Enable the Master Trainers to undertake diagnostic survey and identify horticultural problems and prepare alternate solutions.
  • Raise awareness among the community growers for replacement of old fruit orchards with the new promising varieties.
  • Minimize use of hazardous insecticides including supracide, gusathion-M and lorsban that belong to organophosphate group, and apply alternate environmental friendly methods.
  • Motivation and skill enhancement of communities (men and women) to increase their farm income through environment friendly interventions.
  • Design and prepare ICM Training Modules for replication in other areas with specific reference to Hunza andGilgitValleyswhere fruit industry is under serious threat.

Key Activities :

  • Conduct survey of the horticultural crops to determine initial situation with reference to varieties, age of trees / plants, cost of inputs and average yield.
  • Establish ICM field station at an appropriate location in Tehsil Murree for execution of field-based operations.
  • Select target villages and prepare the growers who volunteer to allocate land, part of inputs and contribute their time and efforts and time for management of the demonstration crops.
  • Organize exposure visits of the Master Trainers / Project Partners to other projects and organizations who are involved in high income generated farming of the horticultural crops.
  • Organize Farmer Field Schools (FFS) and Training of Trainers (TOT) for implementation of ICM of horticultural crops.

Beneficiaries :

The project participants or beneficiaries include the already prepared Master Trainers under the UNDP/SGP/GEF sponsored project amongst the NRSP Community Organizations (COs) in Tehsil Murree. In addition to the Master Trainers from Murree, 5 – 10 persons have been involved fromHunza & GilgitValleysin the training and development activities of the project. The Master Trainers from Murree were enabled to impart training to the community members belonging toHunza & GilgatValleysso that maximum number of affected growers can benefit from ICM Technology.

Anticipated Results of Project :

  • Implementation of ICM of horticultural crops for direct benefit to the farming communities in the selected villages of Murree Hills,Hunza & GilgitValleys.
  • Training of the Lead Trainers / Master Trainers for wider implementation of ICM of horticultural crops.
  • Preparation of ICM training modules, promotional material and extension messages
  • Mass awareness among farming communities for replacement of old fruit orchards with new promising and highly varieties keeping in view the changing agro-ecological and climatic conditions in the area.
  • Farmers training for establishment of new fruit orchards based on latest models of Integrated Crop Management.  Almost 50 fruit orchards of the average size will be established in Murree Hills andGilgitValleysin coordination with selected growers.


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