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On-farm research & development for improved drying, grading, packaging, branding and marketing of the dates

Geographical Coverage :



05 Years

Donor / Sponsor :

PARC / KWS / Private Entrepreneurs

Researchable Issues:

  • Community based on-farm research & development in environment friendly market-led value addition of the dates so that exports could be enhanced.
  • Building capacity of the date growers as well as concerned stakeholders through on-farm demonstrations in improved harvesting, solar & mechanical drying, grading, processing, packaging, branding, labeling and marketing of the produce,
  • Strengthening the overall value chain of dates from production to marketing at all levels.

Activities to be carried out:

  • Establishment of on site working station
  • Community organization
  • Technical support for installation of equipments
  • Training
  • Demonstrations
  • On-farm harvesting, drying, grading, packaging, branding, etc.
  • Identification of market channels
  • Exposure visit
  • Study on the value chain
  • Supply of products to markets
  • Publication of training manuals
  • Handing over the infrastructure to Collaborator
  • Monitoring & evaluation of the project

Expected Outputs :

  • 800 growers trained in value addition and brand development
  • Market availability of value added and branded products with benefits to growers
  • Value addition demonstration systems such as solar dryers, graders and packers installed.


Conserving Natural Resource Base and Promoting Human Development through Sharing Knowledge, Exchanging Practices and Co-creating Future