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Community Based Integrated Crop Management (ICM) of Cotton

Geographical Coverage :

Rahim Yar Khan (Punjab) and Sanghar (Sindh)


03 Years

Donor / Sponsor :

UNDP – GEF / Private Entrepreneurs

Project Objectives :

  • Conservation of insect biodiversity through 50% reduction in use of pesticides and promoting IPM technology with cost benefit ratio favoring to the farmers.
  • Motivation and skill enhancement of communities (men and women) to increase their farm income and raise awareness to reduce air, water and land pollution by minimizing use of persistent organic pollutants (POPs).
  • Reduce poverty of the farming communities through rationalized use of environment compatible practices.
  • Training and capacity building of 500 farmers in the field of community integrated pest management in the Union Council 45-P of Tehsil Khan Pur by establishing 20 FFS.
  • Reduce health hazards to the cotton growers, consumers and wild life of the area.

Activities to be carried out:

  • Community dialogue for selection of villages and farmers
  • Conduct survey of the cotton crop to determine extent of pest damage and average number of insecticide sprays being applied by the farming communities.
  • Establish IPM field station cum laboratory for execution of field based operations and rearing of natural enemies.
  • Establishment of 20 FFS in the area with focus on mass rearing and distribution of natural enemies, preparation of training modules and extension material.
  • Monthly community meetings coinciding with each FFS
  • Training and capacity building of 20 para specialists in IPM, one from each FFS
  • Data collection, monitoring and verification of data.
  • Exposure visits of the farmers from one area to another
  • Reporting and documentation of the findings

Project Stakeholders and Beneficiaries:

The nominated farming communities of selected Union Council 45-P will be the direct beneficiaries. However, the staff of Agriculture Extension Department will also be able to benefit from the IPM/ICM Training Modules.

Anticipated Output/Deliverables of Project:

  1.       Reduction in number of POPs containing insecticide sprays from 10 – 5 in 500 acres.
  2.       Decrease in incidence of insecticide related diseases.
  3.       At least 8 IPM Training Modules would be prepared and made available.

Anticipated Results :

  • The average number of insecticide sprays for control of target pests will be deceased from 10 to only 5.
  • Farming communities will save Rs.3000, 4,000 per acre by reducing inputs cost from 7000-3000 per acre.
  • Awareness about the level of pests and their management by safe methods will be raised.
  • The capacity and skills of project staff and HDF will be developed because of technical backstopping from ECI IPM Team and availability of IPM training modules, brochures and extension material. Therefore farmers will become more educated and able to evaluate new technologies by themselves.
  • The project activities such as farmer field schools are of tremendous experience for learning the new techniques and their replication in other areas.


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