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Biological Controlled based Organic Pest Management (OPM)

Geographical Coverage :

Gilgit – Baltistan


05 Years

Donor / Sponsor :

Agha Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP)

Project Objectives :

Develop a model organic value free of harmful chemical pesticides, would be accordance with the requirements of forthcoming WTO and MDGs of the United Nations adopted in year 2000.

  • Extensive monitoring of the horticulture and cereals crops in the context of organic farming.
  • Elaborate studies in term of ecology, bio-ecology and phenology of insect pests and diseases.
  • Develop statistics related to insect pest insurgence and their effective management through their natural enemies.
  • Keeping the pest below economic threshold level.
  • Impart the sustainable practical approach of integrated crop management at the community level.
  • Development of the organic valley and promotion of agri-tourism through media projection of the project.
  • Evaluate and monitor the project activities and compile progress

  Key Activities :

  • Diagnostic survey of the organic valley.
  •  Establishment of field station with equipped labs.
  •  Procurement of organic pest management (OPM) material.
  •  Orientation workshops with target farmers.
  • Social mobilization/mass awareness in the valley.
  • Mass rearing and releases of natural enemies such as Chrsopela carnea, Aphelinus mali, and Trichogramma chilonus.
  •  Introduction of organic based pest management methods.
  • Development of modules and exposure visits.
  • Media projection and project publications.
  • Development of future strategy.

Project Outputs:

  • This project will provide complete and authentic information about the pest status in Organic Valley of Skardu.
  • It will bring in the most technical, economical and sustainable methods of OPM, resulting in elimination of insecticide and fertilizer use, which in turn will ensure pollution free products and safe environment of the area.
  • Timely implementation of this project will minimize the losses due to insect pests and increase the yield benefiting both the farmers and the local horticulture industry.
  • Furthermore, introduction of OPM program in the Organic Valley of Skardu will introduce a new era of development in the best interest of the local inhabitants by eliminating threat of pollution.
  • Growers will avail good market price of the organic commodities produced
  • Agri-tourism of the valley will be promoted

Project Beneficiaries :

  • Community of the area will be directly benefited from the project beneficiaries although staff of department of agriculture and AKRSP will be also technically trained.
  • Food free from pesticides will be available in the area which will attract national and international tourist.
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