Wisdom of Life

Range of Our On-Farm Advisory Services

  • Fruit and vegetable farm management
  • Organic Farming (Fruit, vegetable & field crops) and production management.
  • Off-season vegetable & fruit production, management and marketing
  • Marketing of agriculture & horticulture produce.
  • Provision of certified quality seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, skilled labour, and plant protection machinery.
  • On-farm Integrated Pest Management.
  • Nursery establishment, management and marketing.
  • Storage of farm production and management
  • Sustainable innovation in mushroom production.
  • Poultry and Fish Farms establishment, management and marketing.
  • Production, management and marketing of beekeeping, floriculture
  • Dairy farming, management and establishment of milk cooperatives
  • Livestock promotion, management and provision of veterinary services
  • Customized training and capacity building in agriculture, horticulture, and livestock.
  • Arrangement of seminar and workshops on the burning issues pertaining to agriculture, horticulture and livestock sector
Conserving Natural Resource Base and Promoting Human Development through Sharing Knowledge, Exchanging Practices and Co-creating Future