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ECI Celebrated International Youth Day – 2013


The International Youth Day (IYD-2013) was celebrated worldwide to mark the role and importance of youth in the national and global development. On part of Nepalese Change Mission (NCM) and Eco-Conservation Initiatives (ECI), IYD was collectively celebrated at Orchid Science College, Nepal. Mr. Pradeep Sapkota took the lead role in event management. More than 350 participants from across the world joined this event online and participated in about more than two and a half hours presentations and discussions. From ECI, Pakistan, Mr. Azhar Qureshi delivered the presentation on Role of ECI for Development of Youth in the context of current year theme “Youth Migration: Moving Development Forward”. The presentation was released online via skype conference. The discussants from various countries actively participated and contributed valuable feedback to mark the day.

Some of the following conclusions were made:

1. Youth migration can’t be stopped but youth may be retained in their countries of origin by providing them conducive environment for education, training, work and sustainability.

2. The governments across the world must understand and accept the right of youth migration by providing them an enabling environment.

3. Engagement of youth in the sustainable agriculture and organic farming has great scope in the future to come.

4. Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) can play tremendous role in the development of youth across the world.

5. The governments across the world must understand the right of access to internet and ICTs for the youth.

6. Growing youth interaction at the global level may be used to maintain peace across the international borders with specific examples to India and Pakistan.

7. The cross cultural, knowledge & learning based similar events may be encouraged for further development youth and to imbibe tolerance among them.

8. United Nations should play a dynamic role to implement the existing youth policies at global level.

9. There is need to enhance the coordination & understanding and reinforce the mechanism among all the stakeholders and devise strategy for provision of all the required facilities to the youth such as employment opportunities, quality education and ensure protection of their rights at their home countries so that we may be able to stop the youth migration at the end.

We are specially thankful to the skype conference group members from new New York, London, Cairo, Nairobi, New Delhi, Islamabad, Kathmando and several other places who contributed their highly valuable inputs to mark the International Youth Day – 2013.

The youth from other countries are also invited to join hands with us for promoting global sustainable development, peace, trans-boundary environmental conservation and international relations. Those interested may please share their skype & facebook IDs and email addresses through the ongoing interaction.


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    And to think I was going to talk to smoenoe in person about this.

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    One project that I’d like to inivte you to check out is the Children’s Museum in Oak Lawn’s We the People project under Youth Education and Literacy. This will be an exhibit featuring two beam pieces from the fallen World Trade Center towers. The focus of this exhibit is on what happened those days following 9/11 patriotism, friendship, coming together and helping one another. Literacy, along with history, will be an integral part of this exhibit.Adam WoodworthExecutive DirectorChildren’s Museum in Oak LawnProject link once you log in:

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      Most welcome, you may visit out office for discussion

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      Most welcome, you may visit our office for discussion

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    nice job. its very important to maintain transparency and accountability of ECI FIELD UNITS.

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